Golf is more fun when you learn together. Invite a Friend to learn with you!
Golf is more fun when you learn together. Invite a Friend to learn with you!


Go from newbie to playing your first 9 holes of golf with other beginners around the world!

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Your "Golf Prep" Course to go from Newbie to Confident Beginner





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Let us guess, you have friends & colleagues who have asked you to play golf but ...

You feel lost & are not sure where to start
You don't know what equipment to buy
You don't want to embarrass yourself
You don't want to waste money
You wish you had a guide & plan to start
You think golf is going to be expensive

Golf is actually pretty simple. 
You just need a plan!


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Golf isn't hard.  It is just that many traditional beginner programs skip a lot of steps and can leave participants lost and frustrated.  The #StartGolf Online Program is designed for adults and families to begin their golf journey right from the comfort of their home.

#StartGolf is the missing "Prep-Course" for anyone who is uncomfortable joining a normal in-person golf coaching program.  Our goal is to take you from newbie to confident beginner who has played your first 9 holes!  We provide you with a full support team, educational roadmap, and will even connect you with your local golf professional to continue your golf journey.

For Individuals

Start your Golf Journey off right!

For Friends /Families

Grab a Buddy and learn golf together

For Business Teams

 Give your team a life-long activity

What Will I Learn?

There are 3 Core Areas of the Curriculum that will set you up for success.


Getting You Ready To Play
How to Select The Right Equipment for you
What to Wear at the Golf Course
Identifying the Best Golf Facility For You
How to Practice at a Golf Facility
Easy Rules to Avoid Embarrassing Situations
How to Book a Tee-Time and Where to Start


Playing Your First Round
The Basics Rules of Playing Golf 
Checking In and Starting to Play
How to Warm-Up Before Your Round
Do's & Don'ts when Driving a Golf Car
How to Never Feel Rushed on the Course
Keeping Score Using the Op 36 App 


Continuing Your Development
Developing Your Putting Skills
Developing Your Chipping/Pitching Skills
Developing Your Full Swing
How to Practice Effectively
How to Measure Improvement
Other Types of Programs You Can Join


For every participant Operation 36 is contributing $25 to Golf Professionals to help them continue programs

Many Golf Professionals who support their families with coaching have been affected with COVID-19 environment.  Put your Golf Facilities Name in at registration and a $25 Credit will be applied to their Operation 36 Program to help continue running programs.

How Does It Work?

Step 1  Enroll to Get Your Roadmap

Enroll now to get your digital #StartGolf Welcome Kit delivered right to your email. We have a new program every month.  No need to wait, enroll now to get:
Equipment Guide (Don't Waste Money on Equipment)
Your #StartGolf Roadmap & Education Guide  
Welcome Video from your Coaches
Begin Your Golf Journey With #StartGolf

Step 2 Attend Livestream Classes 

Watch 4 Interactive Webinar Classes once a week for an hour online.  Ask questions via the chat option.
Classes are led by our encouraging team of PGA Pros
Have your questions ready for our live Q&A
Get educated, and develop golf skills right from home
Begin Your Golf Journey With #StartGolf

Step 3 Connect & Follow the Plan

After classes, develop your knowledge/skills by following the weekly activities to guide you in the Op 36 App. You can also connect in our online community forum if you get stuck during the week.
Everyone is added in a Private Facebook Group to connect daily
After each class you will be assigned some homework as a guide
If you ever get stuck, you are just a post away from help!
Begin Your Golf Journey With #StartGolf

Step 4 Play Your First 9 Holes!

The goal of this program is to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to play your first 9 holes.  We will show you how.
You will have all the tools in the Op 36 App to Guide You
We will help you find your closest course and book a tee-time
You can record your first score in the app to start your journey!
Begin Your Golf Journey With #StartGolf

Step 5 Continue Your Golf Journey!

We finish the program celebrating successes! We will also give you clear direction on how you can continue your journey with your local Op 36 Coach.
Continue instruction with your local Op 36 Coach
You will still have access to the Op 36 App to continue learning
You can record your first score in the app to start your journey!
Begin Your Golf Journey With #StartGolf

Operation 36 Development Model

We will teach you how to use the Operation 36 Development Model and Mobile App to guide your journey into golf 
How it works:
Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1 (25 Yards)
Instead of starting at the full tee box, you will begin in Division 1. This means you will play 9 holes starting 25 yards from each green.
Shoot par (36) or better to pass a Division
Your challenge is to shoot 36! If you shoot par (36) or better, you will progress to Division 2, and start 50 yards from each green your next round.
Track Progress & Complete as many Divisions as possible!
All progress is tracked in the Operation 36 Mobile App. This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 Divisions.
Community Goal: Shoot 36 for 9 holes in all 10 Divisions

What is a class like?

Each class is a 1 Hour Live Webinar that can be done in the comfort of your home.  Your coaches will progress you through the program using a 3-part class structure.

Part 1 - Live Education

The goal of the education is to help every participant get to know the basics, while helping you avoid any embarrassing experiences.  Our interactive slides and polls make it easy to learn!

Part 2 - Live Golf Skill Development

You may not have thought you can learn golf in the comfort of your home, but you can!  We will show you some basics that you can do with a small bit of room in front of your computer.

Part 3 - Live Q&A with Goals/HW

We finish each week with a Live Q&A.  Then we post fun skill games to complete and set goals for the week.  You can view the skill videos and log practices in the Op 36 App to track your journey.


Meet your Coaches

You are in good hands with a team of Golf Professionals who truly care about you and your long-term success.

Ryan Dailey,PGA & Matt Reagan,PGA

Co-Founders of Operation 36 Golf
PGA Professionals
Golf Digest Best Teachers in NC 2019-2020
2013 & 2014 Carolinas PGA Youth Player Development Award Recipients
#StartGolf is led by the founders of Operation 36 Golf, Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan.  Matt and Ryan have dedicated their career to designing the #1 way to introduce and progress beginners in playing the game of golf.  They are excited to guide you on your journey and share how to leverage the Operation 36 Development Model to have a clear plan to improve and have fun playing golf.

Michael Brooks, PGA

Golf Professional
Operation 36 Golf

Seth Thompson, PGA

Golf Professional
Operation 36 Golf

Cory Kinsinger, PGA

Golf Professional
Operation 36 Golf

Why #StartGolf?

Learn the ropes with other beginners

No question is a bad question. Everyone in this group are complete beginners and we can feel safe as we learn the sport together.

Get answers with 4 Live Classes

Work through a structured curriculum that will cover every facet of getting into golf.  Ask questions to be confident when you play.

Technology to guide you

You will be issued a free Op 36 Profile in the mobile app in the first class.  Access the 12 Educational Videos and tools to guide you.

Easy to do at home on your own time

If you can't make the live classes that is okay!  We will be recording the classes and will send out the links to the videos after class.

Avoid embarrassment & frustration

Our mission is to educate you & break down all the barriers that would potentially present a negative experience for getting into golf.  

Save money & learn to value hack!

Have you ever started something new and purchased a lot of items that were unnecessary?  We will advise you to make you look like a pro!

Taught by expert professionals

These classes are led by the team at Operation 36.  They are passionate Golf Pros whose mission is to solely turn beginners into skilled golfers!

Need Help? We are just a post away  

As you become a golfer from home we want you to have an outlet for continued questions.  You will be invited to our FB Group to connect daily!


Should I buy clubs before the program?

Nope.  We actually recommend that you wait until after you register.  In your Digital Welcome Kit we will give you a guide on how to select the right clubs, that actually fit you, and can be the best value.  It isn't necessary you ever have clubs as we are going to show you how to prepare in these classes even if you don't have clubs or balls to practice at home.   

How much does equipment cost? 

Great question!  You are test-driving golf and it should be cost-effective!  It depends on your interest and what you are looking for.  In our Digital Welcome Kit Video that we send when you register we provide you with a guide on tips to get clubs for free, we have a 3 Club #StartGolf set for $99 and then there are full sets that go up from there.  We will layout all options and guarantee that the $1200 sets you see are not necessary to get started!  

What if I can't make one of the classes?

We have you covered.  Every Livestream class is recorded and posted to our private facebook page for you to be able to review later.

Isn't it Expensive to Play Golf?

Golf looks expensive on the surface, but it doesn't need to be.  If you go to the movies or a restaurant once a month, you could replace one of those visits with a 2 hour outdoor activity with friends and food and maybe save some money!  We will show you these value hacks and types of courses to look for that suit your game and what your aspirations are.  From budget friendly to unique golf experiences we will cover it all!

Is there a way for me to ask questions?

Absolutely.  You have our team for a month!  Every class we do a live session that ends in Q&A. You can also ask questions that our team at Op 36 HQ will help answer in our Private Facebook Group.

When are the classes run?

Right now, we are offering classes at 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PM PST) on Tuesday evenings.  We set up each group to start monthly.  So if you register now you will be saving a spot to begin the first week of next month.  Just look below to check on availability as we do limit spots to maintain a good coach to student ratio to make sure we can answer questions during the week.

Will others see me during the class?

Clothes are optional :-) The coaching staff is the only team that will be live that you can see.  So that way you have a nice private setting to have no fear of trying anything in the class.  However, feel free to ask questions using the chat option that will be answered during the Q&A at the end of class.

Can I continue to get help after our classes?

Absolutely.  We have a large network of Operation 36 Coaches around the world.  The final class we will give you guidance on how to find your local coach to learn about programs and the types of programs available that suit your learning style and goals in golf.  

What if this isn't for me?

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Since we are making a commitment to your golfing journey, we hope you would make a commitment to us as well. You can take the whole course and if you don't feel like we gave you enough value in the live lessons, recorded lessons, community Q&A, we will give you a full refund.  You can even keep the Digital Welcome Kit that includes over $500 in offers from our #StartGolf partners to help you get into the sport without breaking your wallet. 

Can my whole family participate?

Absolutely!  One registration covers and entire family.  Just put the classes in your calendar, setup the computer in your living room or stream to your TV and learn to play golf as a group!  We actually highly encourage you participate with your family or invite friends to the class as well.

Grab a Buddy & #StartGolf together

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Play Your First 9 Holes & Become a Golfer

Class 1 - December 1st   | 8-9 PM EST
Class 2 - December 8th | 8-9 PM EST
Class 3 - December 15th | 8-9 PM EST
Class 4 - December 22nd | 8-9 PM EST
If you can't make a date, you will still be sent a recording of the class to watch.
Do you already play golf or have friends you want to learn golf with?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

You can attend all 4 classes and if you did not see value in the live coaching, resources and community you will connect with, we will give you a full refund no questions asked.  We want you to become a golfer and we want you to be comfortable every step of the way. 

Learn & Ask Questions Live in our 4 Class Sessions

Learn From Nationally Recognized Coaches

Receive All Class Recordings Via Email To View Anytime

Receive educational email updates during the program

Get a Profile in the Op 36 Mobile App to Guide You

Get Access to 12 Golf Educational Goal Videos

We will help book your first tee-time to play 9 holes.

Receive Special Discounts from #StartGolf Sponsors 

Ask Questions Daily in Our Private Facebook Group

Learn Basic Golf Skills to Begin Playing the Game

Learn Rules & Etiquette to be Confident at the Course.

Learn the Op 36 Model For Continual Improvement

Give #StartGolf as a Gift with our new Gift Cards!

There is nothing better than introducing someone new to the game. Give a friend or family member #StartGolf!

Are You a Business Owner or Run Corporate Wellness?

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From the Creators of Operation 36 Golf

The Operation 36 Program is the most effective development model and technology used to introduce and guide beginners into the game of golf.  It is used by over 525 golf facilities and 30,000 participants around the world. Op 36 was founded in 2010 by PGA Professionals Matt Reagan and Ryan Dailey.  Their team of 12 are on a mission to provide the #1 introduction and long-term development plan for all golfers. Their goal is to introduce 1,000,000 new golfers to the game over the next 5 years and they want you to be next!
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